Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A Year Ago

A year ago today, I lay awake unable to sleep. Tears flowed freely from my eyes and my lips whispered prayers and promises.

A year ago today, I felt fierce kicks from within my stomach, your own way of showing me you are a fighter.

A year ago today, you were born to a family that couldn't have possibly loved you more and wanted only the opportunity to cradle you in our arms.

Today, you are alive and strong. 

Today,  your smile shines and brightens our life.

Today, you are one and every bit as perfect as we knew you would be.

Happy Birthday, baby girl.


  1. Happy Birthday Tehilla :)

    Champion - of the Year.
    May you have many many many more, Little babe, full of health and may you be blessed always.
    Celabrating with you and your family. :)

  2. Happy birthday, beautiful Tehilla! Thank you for enriching all our lives, and may yours and your family's be filled with joy, health, meaning, and love. And sleep.

  3. B"H! HaShem is so wise! He knew the perfect family for little Tehilla. A family who would treasure her, love her, help her and hold her. He also knew the perfect baby for your family -- for she has brought you so much love along with those tears. She has made all of you stronger, and weaker and closer to all that is holy. Happy Birthday Tehilla bat Shoshana! Many, many, many more!

  4. awww! what a precious little child, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TEHILLA!

  5. Happy Birthday little one. You are adorable.