Monday, October 6, 2014

Discharge Papers Soon

We are being discharged soon. In fact,  they said, "Get them out quick."

Tehilla is basically back to normal. Her rash is working it's way down her body and fading from the top. Her breathing pattern is still a bit strained but our cardiologist feels it's normal given everything that Tehilla went through and that it will pass.

We are pushing for Tehilla to get clearance to get the series of RSV shots again. Our family doctor and cardiologist agree that she should get them, especially because we are discussing surgery in about another month or so. RSV is extraordinarily dangerous for heart kids, especially so close after surgery.  It's not usual for the Ministry of Health to grant the RSV shots to kids over a year. So, all the doctors are putting in the same request to put pressure.

If we do not get the RSV shots covered, then we will pay for them privately.  We won't allow Tehilla to be at risk.

Home soon.

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