Friday, October 3, 2014

Interstage Dangers

This virus that Tehilla has is one that our entire family had. We all had a sore throat, head aches and general lousy feeling for two days. In fact, Mechal has it right now, as well. Yesterday she was with us in the ER because she had come straight from the doctor with us.

She was sitting, playing on our phones, feeling unwell and asking for soup. Her sister, Tehilla, was on oxygen and crashing fast.

This was a perfect illustration of the dangers of interstage. There are viruses that for the relatively healthy person, they feel terrible but it passes after a day or two.

For kids like Tehilla,  who has a compromised heart circulation, it could actually kill her. It's the reason we were in isolation for so long and it's the reason we might have to put ourselves back in isolation.  Just until she has her Glenn surgery. 

This was unavoidable.  Tehilla caught it from one of us. There's only so much that we can live in a bubble. 

We are lucky that we go to an excellent clinic that were on top of this and told us to keep coming back. We are lucky that they thought to do a blood test with immediate results.  We are lucky that we live so close to our fantastic hospital and that everyone sprang into action so fast and knew exactly how to help her.

It would break your heart if you knew how many heart kids catch viruses like this and don't live close enough to a hospital that specializes in pediatric cardiology and unfortunately don't make it.

We are lucky that we have such great friends and family that jumped at the opportunity to help us. And to all of you for praying for her.

With G-d's help, she will improve and we can go home soon.

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