Monday, October 6, 2014

Checked Out and Home

We were discharged later on in the day. The doctors came and asked to redo a blood test to make sure her white cell count was back to normal. The moment that we stepped into their "procedure room" Tehilla screamed. She kept crawling up into my arms and crying hysterically.  She is very aware and is really developing a fear for doctors and nurses.

They drew a little blood, but ultimately it was unsuccessful.  They tried again and then again. Tehilla has bruises all over her hands and feet from all of the blood tests that were taken.

I finally told them,  that I appreciate that they are trying to take every precaution,  but it's too much. I asked that they not try again.

They spoke to the senior doctor and agreed that she should just redo the blood test in a week.

We finally got home around 3:00pm.

We just went to see our family doctor and update him on what went on the past 5 days. He listened and asked all his questions. 

Then he gently asked "How prepared are both of you for the idea that she could die at any point?"

We answered in unison, "Very."

"There isn't a day that goes by that it doesn't cross our minds. When an emergency like this or a catheter or surgery come up, we think about it constantly and are very anxious about it. We know that 'tomorrow' she could die, so we live for 'today'  when we have all 3 of our kids and make sure each day is incredible."

I think he is such an incredible doctor to sensitively ask that and in a sense make sure we are prepared. 

Thank G-d,  Tehilla fought hard and recovered from this virus. As my wonderful heart mama, Rachel,  pointed out- Tehilla crashed quickly, but she also bounced back quickly.  She showed us that she is strong.

Thank G-d for everything.

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  1. Shoshana, I cried as I read this last posting. You are such a strong, and loving mother. Surely Hashem gave you for a purpose. It isn't the length of our lives,it is the love, learning, living. Every day of life is a blessing.