Saturday, October 4, 2014

Yom Kippur

After having the experience that we had, so close to Yom Kippur, we were very much in the right mindset. At the same time, having that amount of intense stress and lack of sleep, it really threw us off.

As soon as we got home,  I fell right to sleep. I did not make it to shul (synagogue) at all, mainly from lack of energy.

I think overall it was a good decision to be home. We had our beds and the comfort of being in our normal surrounding.  It wasn't easy though. We were on high alert listening to Tehilla's breathing patterns constantly. She woke up about once an hour to drink. She still felt really sick and it was difficult to convince our other two kids to let us give her our full attention. 

There was one point where her color looked bad and we took her saturation.  It was at 65. We watched it climb to 71 and rechecked it 5 minutes later. It was still within that range. After feeding her, her color was better. She took a nap and she seemed to bounce back. We decided to wait and see. When she woke up, she looked pretty good,  so we decided to wait the next few hours out.

We just pulled up to the hospital now. I will update, as soon as I can.

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