Friday, October 3, 2014

Oxygen Free

What an incredible nurse! They started taking her down from oxygen and every time I lifted my head to check on Tehilla,  she was here, monitoring her.

She is now completely without oxygen and has a saturation of 75. She is still breathing a bit fast but everything looks great. 

The nurse just removed the oxygen line from her face. I told her that she has sensitive skin, so she brought something special to remove it and managed to do it and didn't wake Tehilla at all!

There is a phrase from Tehillim (Psalms)- הודו לה' כי טוב. כי לעולם חסדו. We give thanks to G-d, for He is good. His mercy is forever.

It's 3:35 am. I'm going back to sleep.


  1. Glad to hear this good news. Davening that she continue to improve and you all have a restful uneventful yom Kippur.

  2. Yes oh Yes,
    Hashem is so good and kind. Had you and Precious Tehilla on my mind and in my prayers since last night.
    From generation unto generation H-s mercy endureth for ever.
    I love you Hashem!:)