Sunday, October 12, 2014

All Better

We can finally say that Tehilla is completely over that virus. A virus that normally would have been gone in 3-5 days, took Tehilla 14 days to work out of her body. Thank G-d, she is finally eating nicely and has gotten her energy back. It is very hard to watch your happy, playful little baby be too tired to lift her head all day long. 

But she is back, and playful and mischevous and sweet as could be. Her newest thing is that she says, "Oh, wow." She says it about everything.

Here she is enjoying her special Sukkot breakfast of chocolate chip pancakes. Didn't you know that you're supposed to wear them?!?


  1. Oh, thank God! I'm so happy to see her so happy, and I'm praying hard that no flu germs even think of going near her! My Arava also believes in food fashion. It's all the rage in 1-year-old circles this season, I hear. Moadim l'simcha!