Sunday, October 5, 2014


Tehilla is doing great. The only thing she suffers from, currently, was a bad overnight nurse. The nurse did not know how to properly place the probe for the pulse ox. The pulse ox was reading 88-91 and sent the doctors into a frenzy. Tehilla's heart can not provide that much oxygen for her system so it was impossible.  Not only that, if it were true it would stress her heart out.

I insisted that they replace the probe and magically her saturation went back to 77-79.

The probe clearly moved in middle of the night, which is bound to happen when it is attached to the toe of a 1-year old.  So the pulse ox went off all night, saying her saturation was between 60-70. I was too tired to move but kept telling the nurse to fix the pulse ox.

This morning she wanted to start her on oxygen and I told her not to touch her. I got up and replaced the probe myself. Presto! Her saturation went back to 78-79.

I bit my tongue from telling her off. But I did mention it to the doctor and our cardiologist. 

Dr. Golander was just here and thrilled to see how great she is doing. He's kicking us out! Home again!!!

The consequence of Tehilla having this kind of virus is that we have to now wait minimally a month before she can have another catheter or surgery.

We have an appointment in a few weeks. They will probably decide to do a catheter again before her Glenn. So now it has been pushed off a week or two.

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