Thursday, October 2, 2014

Little Steps

Tehilla is improving and it is without a doubt because of all of you who are praying for her.

We are not being transferred to the PICU. She ate a ton before. Her blood tests have shown an improvement.  Her saturation is at 75 right now- with the maximum oxygen.

She is starting to fight.

She's had a rough day. She had 7 blood tests done. She keeps waving "bbye" to all the nurses and doctors. They think she is saying hi, but really she is telling them that she wants to go.

She saw a picture of a bear on the wall and said, "Roar roar roar." Then the doctor came to take more blood and she roared at him. She has all the nurses playing with her and cracking up at her personality. 


  1. B"H happy to hear every little bit of improvement! May she continue to grow stronger and stronger with each passing minute! G'mar Chasima Tova from NY.

  2. Oh, thank God. Thank God. Keep roaring, Tehilla!

  3. May Tehilla continue to zig-zag upwards, bezrat HaShem. Sending ko'ach to Ima and Abba.

  4. May Tehila be sent a speedy and complete recovery!!!