Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Today, Tehilla got to relax at home, the whole day. No yo-yoing back and forth to the hospital. She was irritable today, and didn't eat. It started really worrying me, when I even tried to give her an Oreo cookie and she just threw it. But later, I gave her some juice and she perked up and then ate a full dinner. I really hope that she does not backslide. We'll see how she is tomorrow.

I forgot to add to my post last night, we received approval from the Ministry of Health for Tehilla to get her RSV shots! I'm so relieved that we won't have to fight for them.

Tehilla has another new "trick". She shakes her head "no", with a big mischievous grin on her face. Before we left the hospital, we bumped into Dr. Erez, our surgeon. He loved seeing how much Tehilla has grown. I told Tehilla, "Say hi to Dr. Erez." She shook her head "no" with a huge smile. Dr. Erez cracked up at that one.

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