Thursday, October 2, 2014

Admitted Over Yom Kippur

Okay. Tehilla's white blood cell count is still severely low. Her saturation is very low and she is on oxygen.  Her chest x-ray was clear. Her blood gases test came back not good.

All in all, they believe she has a virus. They will be starting her on antibiotics just in case.

They believe that she is dehydrated.  They think that it is causing her saturation to be low and her blood gases results. She has been started on fluids.

They are admitting her to the hospital for minimally 48 hours, but possibly longer. In two hours they will redo all the tests. If they see that after all the fluids things are improving,  then they will know they are correct. 

So, we will be here over Yom Kippur. Dr. Golander has instructed me to call him if at any time I think something is wrong. 

I had a great experience with the nurse here. Before Tehilla had a face mask for oxygen. She was ripping it off, so I asked if she thought maybe putting a nasal oxygen mask would be better. "What do you think? You're her mother. You know her better." I said that I wasn't sure but maybe we should give it a try and that I really appreciate her saying that.

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  1. prayers for you and Tehilla. May the Almighty grant Tehilla a complete and speedy refuah shelema and much love to you and your family