Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Staying Away

Tehilla is really not eating. We are having a very hard time and trying to bribe her with juice and cookies, which I normally would never give to a baby this young. She still is not eating nicely. Probably connected to that, she isn't napping well and is very irritable.

We already called the on-call doctor, who thought she should go back to the hospital. We also spoke with our wonderful nurse, Yifat, who wasn't totally sure that we should go back to the hospital.

So, we are going out and buying all of her favorite foods and anything we can think of. I just got her to eat a little bit. For now, we are avoiding the hospital. This might just be the end of the virus playing itself out, and I really can't put her at risk to pick up anything else.

Of course, if things worsen or she shows any other bad signs, we will go back to the hospital.

Please G-d, she's regain her appetite right away. Tehilla bat Shoshana

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