Friday, October 10, 2014


Tehilla is eating. It still takes a lot of effort to convince her to eat, but we are usually successful. 

She is still very low energy. She is not really playing that much. She just wants to be held or to rest.

As coincidence would have it, Tehilla cut a whole bunch of new teeth. I can't take a picture if them, unless I hold her upside down and snap the shot.  Because that is exactly how we discovered these new teeth. We were playing with her and hung her upside down (for a split second, calm down!) and discovered two upper teeth and molars!

Assuming that they just cut the last week or so, this is without a doubt a contributing factor to her feeling miserable and maybe even refusal to eat. Let's hope it's the reason she just wants to rest, as well.

We had a really nice Sukkot. Mechal seems to have caught the flu. It just isn't fair because flu shots have just become available.  We are keeping Tehilla away, but we are nervous. 

To a healthy and enjoyable rest of Chag for everyone!

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