Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Cry If I Want To

This little birthday girl was up the entire night. I think she finally stayed asleep some time around 4:15am. It was a very rough night. Her fever finally broke, but she is whiny and irritable. She is not eating anything and refusing to nurse. Thank G-d, she is drinking water. I even gave her some juice last night, because she seemed a bit weak. Today, she has barely eaten anything. Again, she looked kind of weak, so I gave her a bunch of chocolate chips. Amazingly enough, she didn't say no to those! 

We are bringing her to the doctor, first thing in the morning. 

Her birthday was very meaningful, even after spending a few hours at the hospital for the speech. I got to hug, sing and dance with her. We even took a few pictures.  We will be throwing her a party in a few weeks, over Sukkot, when people have vacation. And yes, we have invited our nurse, our cardiologist and our surgeon. I'm sure that they are too busy to come, but we couldn't not invite the people that helped get us to this point. 

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