Sunday, October 5, 2014

Vacation #2

The doctors just came around. The results came back from her first blood test and it showed a bacteria.  Everything about what Tehilla has gone through points to a virus. So they believe the test was contaminated in the lab. It happens. They took more tests the next day. They need the results of those tests to prove it's not bacterial. Those results will be ready tomorrow. 

Everyone believes that those tests will be clean. The problem is that they can't release us until they know for sure. Because if it is bacterial it could be fatal for Tehilla.

I suggested they send us home for another "chofesh "(vacation). It puts her at great risk to be in a sick kids ward. If there are any bad symptoms, we come right back. And we come back tomorrow for another check up and the test results.

The doctors agreed, trusting my instincts.

Soon we will receive a paper to go home.

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