Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Shana Tova!

Rosh Hashana is an appropriate time to reflect on the previous year. It's a time to weigh our achievements and failures and to learn from them going forward. It's a time of judgement for what will come the following year.

This past year brought us the greatest highs that we have ever experienced. It also brought us some difficult lows. Last year on  Rosh Hashana, I was extremely pregnant. We had survived several months of a ginormous question mark hanging over our heads. Would Tehilla survive? Would we get a chance to hold her while she was alive?

I remember last year, Ron came home from shul and said, "I felt my soul shake when I said the tefillah of "U'netaneh tokef". It's a prayer where you beseech G-d for your life. You say, "Who will live, and who will die."

Before Tehilla's birth, there was a small circle of people that knew about our situation. It wouldn't have mattered what suggestion we had been given, we tried everything. We prayed and gave charity.

And, Tehilla is nearly a year old, smiling and shining every day.

This year, we will be praying with all our souls, that G-d help Tehilla and our other two children to continue to thrive.

Shana tova to you all and to your families. May we all be written in the book of life. May all of our prayers be answered favorably and may we continue to see the good in our lives.

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  1. awww, look at those sweet little faces! adorable B"H thank you for the bracha