Tuesday, August 9, 2016

How She Really Is

People keep asking me, "So...I don't really understand. I'm reading the blog and I get that her heart rate isn't good. She's not doing very well, right?"

Nope. Here is a picture to illustrate how Tehilla is doing. It's dinnertime and she has jumped on the table and grabbed a bunch of tuna patties in her mouth. She has ketchup smeared up and down her arms and bulgar stuck to her hair and face.

Or there was the time before that when she stripped down naked and was running around. She saw a bowl of unfinished cereal and milk that someone had left in the kitchen. While it was out of reach, she stood on her little tippy toes and stretched for it. Her fingers caught the edge and she pulled. The bowl flipped, sending milk flying all over her. She started crying that the milk was in her eyes and then slipped on the puddle that formed on the floor.

Or immediately before that, when she decided that Tzviel was not allowed to live with us and attempted to kick him out. She sat on the stairs, still naked but with a giant purse and toy phone and screamed,  "Tzviel bugging me! Get out my house! Get out! "

So, ya see. If you didn't know that she was having a heart rate problem, you would never know. She is a magnet for mess and trouble and perfectly normal. Just your average very naughty nearly 3 year old. More reasons why we believe that she will be okay and with G-d's help, her heart rate will improve on its own.


  1. Hi Tehilla, give me a hug, you're a good girl. You'll be alright. Always remember, HaShem loves you and we love u too.

  2. Hi Tehilla. I am happy you are doing so well. You are so precious. Remember HaShem loves you so much and I can't help but love you,too.


  3. Baruch Hashem and bli eyin haraa