Tuesday, August 2, 2016

What Comforts Me

When I think about yesterday's doctor's appointment, I can't believe that we are yet again on the throws of the possibility of another surgery. It's upsetting and frustrating.

But here is what comforts me...Picture this scene from yesterday:

All three kids are given plant holders to decorate with glitter confetti. Things are going well and everyone is working nicely together. We are talking and chatting and discussing what plants we want to grow and what kind of crazy invention we would come up with to get rid of bees and wasps. Everyone is happy and busy, when a work email comes in that has to be taken care of immediately.

I go to the next room and start working. Only a minute has passed, when I hear Mechal start shouting, "Tehilla! No. Put down the glitter container! Oh my G-d! Ima! She figured out how to open the containers! Give it to Mechal, please? Please? Ahhhhh, oh no!!!!

I turn to find Tehilla standing next to me with a glitter confetti container in each hand. She has decorated my entire office floor. I jump up and spring towards her, but she has anticipated that and has taken off running. She is running with the containers upside down and a steady stream of glitter is flowing behind her. We all run after her, but by the time we have caught her, the entire downstairs is sparkling.

We take the glitter away and reprimand her. While I go to get the broom, she finds the spray bottle for the plants, and starts to spray the glitter in the living room. The glitter is now wet and not going anywhere. While I look around, surveying the damage, Tehilla looks at me smiling, and says, "It's not nice, Ima? So much sparkly! Hurray!"

This extremely naughty but innocent little fire cracker just has to improve. When you look at her and how she acts, you can't imagine that there is anything wrong. So, as exhausting as the clean up was from her glitter escapades, I feel comforted by her zest for life and sparkles. It gives me hope that she can push forward. With G-d's help, she will.


  1. OMG this is hilarious, only because its Tehilla!!! As a mother, I can totally relate, and I also understand why you don't have pictures, which would have been even funnier, but this is great. Your daughter is a miracle, as you know, and ever her "shovav-ness" is a delight!!!

  2. I love that she has so much energy. I will trust that she will do well. She is so very precious. Such a darling.