Monday, August 22, 2016

Our Happy Place


How does a week go by without me updating the blog!  Between watching the kids, fitting in time to work, keeping the house in order and having a wasp infestation removed, planning a 10 year old's sleepover party, painting my bedroom, reorganizing everyone's bedroom, and getting two kid's ready for school, including Tzviel going to first do I not have time, right? It's been a busy week.

Thank G-d, everyone is healthy and well. And as you can see by the photos and the title, for the first time this summer, we went to our happy place- the beach. After surgery, Tehilla was not allowed to submerge her scar in water, so she has been having sponge/shower baths, and could not go in a pool or to the beach. Well, 6 weeks passed since her surgery, and we spent Thursday preparing all of the cooking for Shabbat. The kids helped organize every last detail for the beach, all of Thursday. We were so prepared, that we literally, woke up on Friday morning, threw on our bathing suits and left the house at 8:40 am for the beach.

We got to the beach and took full advantage of being out of seclusion. We met up with 3 other families. The water was absolutely perfect. It was a deep turquoise color and the perfect temperature. We all went in and let the waves wash over us. We built sand castles and turned our kids in to sand-mermaids. We ate lunch and got popsicles and just enjoyed the most perfect day.

There is something about the beach, that just makes all the urgency of life disappear. It sucks out all the anxiety and stress, all of the fears and difficulties and replaces it with timeless tranquility. I could stay at the beach forever.

Once again, I found myself shoulder deep in the water and reflecting on life. I waded in to the water, and watched my body be engulfed by the turquoise water. I reached my arms out and felt myself feel weightless, as I began to float. I looked up at the beautifully deep blue sky and started to mumble my thank yous to G-d.

"Thank You. Thank You, thank You, thank You. You gave her back to us. She survived another heart surgery. She did it. You did it. She is alive. Thank You for moving mountains for us again."

It was the most perfect day and we left the beach at 3:15 pm, drove home, showered and lit the Shabbat candles. It was exactly what we needed.

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  1. Avino Malkenu,

    Thank you for all you have done , for what you are doing and all you will do.

    Baruch HaShem!!!!