Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Potty Training

Every parent awaits the moment with their toddler that they can potty train. The hope of not having to deal with diapers is an exciting stage, well worth all the trouble potty training brings. For us, it's more than that. Tehilla was very ready to potty train. Had we not been awaiting surgery, we would have potty trained her by Passover. We pushed it off, because there was talk of surgery because of her blood pressure, and after the catheter, it suddenly became a planned Fontan surgery. Potty training her had to be pushed off until afterwards, to avoid regression.

Of course, there was surgery...and all the fears and anxiety. The what-ifs and the deep soul crushing pleas to G-d...please...get her through this. Let her survive...let us be able to raise her...give us the chance to do the mundane, normal parenting things with her. It may seem overly dramatic, but having her Fontan behind us and being able to potty train her, feels like the greatest gift of all. Finally, just a normal toddler milestone.

So, yesterday, we presented her with Big Girl underwear. "Woooooowwww!" She looked at them in awe. They are the cutest little underwear and while I wish I could share pictures of her in her little underwear, I won't. One day, please please please G-d, she will grow up and want to read her story. I will print this blog out for her and she will be able to read about her journey, that she hopefully has no memory of. So, while, believe me, watching her scamper around in her little underwear and shirt is just the most gosh-darn-adorable thing ever, I won't do anything that would embarrass her.

Potty training is going unbelievably well and while there are the normal setbacks, she was so ready for this, that it's going very well. She is taking it very seriously and making sure to ask all of us if we need to use the bathroom, as we ask her.

That's about all that I can share. Thank G-d for the most normal parenting moments!


  1. This is soon good . We will trust HaShem in everything. To Him be the Glory!

  2. so instead of soon. computer wants to correct my spelling. oh well.

  3. Baruch HaShem! We will continue praying that everything will turn to normal and healthy baby Tehilla.

  4. Baruch HaShem! We will continue praying that everything will turn to normal and healthy baby Tehilla.

  5. It should go easy and only happy times.

    continued refua.