Thursday, March 23, 2017

Our NY Adventures

Today we woke up in my favorite place in the world, my grandma's home. I spent so much of my childhood in this house and it brings back tons of happy wonderful memories for me. My kids are loving seeing all the family photos and spending all this time with their great-grandmother.

The main reason for our visit was to see my grandmother and as a surprise, she sent us all to New York City to see the Lion King on Broadway! It was absolutely incredible and each kid was completely blown away.

Tehilla sat next to me and kept whispering about the lions, then when I would respond she would shush me. She had her mouth open in amazement at a certain point and I was hit by so many  emotions watching her.

Here she is 9 months after heart surgery- more stable than she has ever been. So stable in fact, that we were able to go on this trip. It is not something that I was sure we would ever be able to do. And there she was, at a Broadway musical having- literally- the time of her life.

We are so blessed. So extremely blessed. Today's adventure felt like a victory and I had to share it with you, blog family.

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  1. Beautiful Children simply beautiful!!!! Baruch haShem!!!!!