Sunday, March 19, 2017


This past week we celebrated Purim! My kids think all year long about their costumes and start preparing them months in advance. Tehilla was no exception. Tehilla went to the playroom, pulled a Disney Princess book off the shelf, opened it to the title page and pointed to Sleeping Beauty. "Ima, I want to be the pink princess. I dress up pink princess."

We had a wonderful holiday. We had a party with friends, saw some family, got to visit sick kids in the hospital and loved every minute of Purim. Tehilla is still too young to sit through megilla reading and handle the loud noises, but that didn't stop her from running around constantly with a noise maker. She also personally prepared and gave mishloach manot (present of food) to her best friend, Itai. 

Tehilla has already gotten back out a Disney Princess book and opened it to the title page to show me which princess she wants to be next year.

This Monday night, I am flying to the US with all 3 kids. We are going to visit family for 9 days. Part of the reason I haven't blogged as much is that I've been making all the preparations.

Friday morning, our traveller's health insurance finally came through. You can imagine the challenge to be approved with Tehilla's heart condition. But thank gd, everything went through and we are almost all set. This will be Tehilla's first time being more than an hour away from her hospital but now she will be in an entirely different continent. We will be very close to CHOP should there be any problems.

Tehilla has also started working with her new speech therapist. Thankfully, she has taken to her and I got to hear Tehilla speaking Hebrew! She never speaks to me in Hebrew, so it was a first for me. The speech therapist is working with Tehilla on her apraxia in Hebrew and just like last time, Tehilla is quickly showing improvement.

More blog posts once we leave for our trip!

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