Saturday, March 4, 2017

A Week Full

Thank G-d, we've been busy with a lot and there hasn't been time to blog.

It's Purim season here and that means the kids come home from school with costumes every few days. Tehilla is loving it. She was dressed up as King Achashverosh and found it hilarious to walk around saying, "I'm a king. Poof! You a queen." She couldn't pronounce Achashverosh, so she says " King Ashashosh".

Tehilla caught a terrible viral cough that came on strong the second it started. We started her quickly on mucolit (to break up the mucus) and saline inhalation to help her breathing. I can't explain how miraculous it feels to see a kid who in the past would have been hospitalized and on oxygen, just improve and recover. Watching her body handle this was amazing. And look how pink she is! It's nothing short of a miracle!

Tehilla had an evaluation at Hitpatchut Hayeled (Child Development Center) called an "ivchun shiluv". It's a special assessment where a number of specialists evaluate her at the same time. This center is such a wonderful place full of positive professionals who really know how to work with children and are a joy to work with. 

Tehilla was evaluated by a pediatrician, a speech therapist and a physical therapist.  They were so enthralled by the seemingly healthy child with the longest medical file they have ever seen. They adored Tehilla and were so accommodating so Tehilla wouldn't be fearful. They helped her adjust in all the right ways and really asked fir my input and ideas. 

They believe that gan safa (speech development preschool) would be the wrong fit for Tehilla because the kids going there have very different speech issues and it would be a mismatch for Tehilla's ability. But they believe that there may be alternative programs that the city can offer her and they want me to request a "vaadah" (a meeting) with the education council of the municipality. They also want her to do speech therapy and see how much it helps.  

I have mentioned that Ron and I felt like there was something not quite right when it came to her ability to do physical things. We couldn't quite explain what it was we were seeing. I mentioned it to them and they picked up on it. 

They found that Tehilla has hypotonia- low muscle tone. She will start physical therapy to help her. This is no great surprise as it is commonly connected to apraxia of speech and to kids that have been hospitalized a lot. I'm relieved that they found it. 

Tehilla is all better and doing well otherwise. Thank g-d.

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  1. Baruch HaShem that she is doing better. To Him be the Glory. She is so very precious!!!!!