Monday, February 20, 2017

Tehilla Post

"Yeah, you've been posting- but how is TEHILLA? You haven't posted about her in awhile!"


Let's is this little ball of energy with a side helping of mischief and sweetness? She's perfectly age appropriate. Her blonde hair is coming in a bit more and is doing this hereditary thing that I had hoped she wouldn't get- broccoli hair. It's hair that has the thickness and frizziness to stand on end. All the girls in our family have learned to deal with it and she is too. But she is too busy giggling every time we tell her that she has broccoli hair.

She had a growth spurt and is still a little pixie but a slightly taller pixie. Overall, she is just maturing and blossoming into a little girl and less baby-like.

About the moment that I posted that Tehilla's speech evaluation was counter-productive and got us high-tailed out of the special education language schools- right around that time, something in Tehilla's speech went full speed ahead. I can't explain it. Maybe it's some more of that blog family magic juice (prayers), but her speech suddenly jumped in ability and the problem areas that I was seeing from her apraxia of speech are now barely audible. She will be restarting speech therapy in a week with someone new and in Hebrew.

I have been scheming to record Tehilla during bedtime. So far it has been unsuccessful, but she has started singing Shema and the rest of the songs along with me. Listening to her little high pitch voice singing and saying prayers has brought tears to my eyes. Believe me, I am trying to get a recording, but she has caught me every time.

The best way that I can describe how Tehilla is heart wise is to tell you what happened today when I picked her up from school:

Tehilla saw me and jumped into my arms and I started asking her how her day was. While I was talking to her, her teacher mentioned to me that her finger tips were very purple. I explained that Tehilla was just cold and that she must have just been playing outside. Her teacher nodded and we were talking about Tehilla's well-being and where we were sending her to school next year. Another mother who has no knowledge of Tehilla's health issues, overheard a piece of the conversation and inserted, "You really don't need to worry at this age about issues and how they adjust and if there are issues..."

I smiled at the woman and said, "Some issues are worrisome. Tehilla has half a heart." I then relished in watching her smile fade and her mouth drop open as she for the first time noticed Tehilla's fading scar. "What?!? I had no idea. I'm so sorry. But I saw her dancing at the Chanukah party and she looks"

I cut her off: "Normal? Amazing?"

Her teacher said: "Perfect. Just perfect."

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