Wednesday, February 1, 2017


Last night, I drove 2.5 hours to Bristol. There was a small turnout of 15 students. It was a small but more intimate session.

Once again, the students surprised me with their questions. One in particular:

"Does Tehilla know? Is she aware of her condition?"

It's really not a simple answer. Yes, she knows she has a special heart. She knows it gets sick sometimes and that she needs to take medications to keep her heart well.

But no...she has no idea that her journey is unique. She has no idea that her normal is nothing but normal. And no- she has no idea that her entire existence is miraculous. 

One of the students went up to the staff and expressed how much our story touched him, because his little brother has a congenital heart defect. Sigh. 1 in 100. It doesn't matter where you are, that statistic of 1 in 100 kids will be born with a congenital heart defect exists.

It's what makes a part of this speaking tour so important - the awareness aspect. Of the students that I will meet in this entire trip- 2 of them will have children with a heart defect. Statistically speaking. I hope my speech will resonate with them when they find out and give them the strength to fight.

Today, we go to Birmingham.


  1. HalleluYah! Our Elohim is great! He knew every situations we have got.
    Hashem Yah bless Tehilla, you and family circle.

  2. Yes her very life is an absolute miracle. In this we are so thankful. Adonai is a G-d of miracles. Baruch HaShem for each and everyday is a miracle in itself. I am overjoyed Tehilla is doing so very well.