Thursday, February 2, 2017


Wow. Tonight was my last speech. It was in Leeds. It was a great session with a very dynamic bunch of 40 students. They were extremely responsive and asked some of the best questions.

"How much do your other kids know?"

"Have you ever lost your faith?"

"At the time right before the Glenn surgery when you were told her chances of survival were minimal, did you regret going ahead with the pregnancy?"

Powerful questions.

This has been the greatest adventure. I (now) kind of understand why people find our story inspirational.  But to me, it will always just be our life.

In my speeches, I explained that we named her "Tehilla" because it means "praise" and that we made a deal with G-d- It's up to You, G-d. If You let her live, people will praise You when they see this little girl with half a heart.

I guess these speeches were a part of that. I think I would accept more speaking tours again in the future, but right now all I can think about is a big snuggle session with my kids. We are so blessed to be together and be enjoying this time of calm.

I cannot wait to get home and hug my kids. I'm on the train back to London and am then catching my flight early in the morning back to Israel.

Good-bye England!

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  1. BH, you have made it successful and rejouceful!
    I can imagine your mixed emotion of enjoying your lecture and at the same time wanted to fly as quick as possible.
    Gd bless you always and your family!