Thursday, February 16, 2017

England was...

England was...interesting. An adventure. A new experience.

It's been awhile since I returned home, but I finally have the time and energy to write in more detail about my trip. I was flown to England by an organization called Genesis that does amazing work on university campuses. Their goal is to keep that Jewish spark alive for university students who are far from home. They provide delicious food and interesting speakers every week and have employed some of the most dynamic and warm couples to live off campus and be there for the students.

Our dear friends are one of these amazing couples and it was their idea to bring me in. It took a lot of convincing, but I eventually agreed. I, very mistakenly, thought that it would be something of a mini vacation and that I would have a lot of quiet and down time. Instead it was very busy and active and quite the trip.

I was greeted by a driver and was driven to a lovely little hotel in London. There I was met by head of operations of the program to give me a quick run down of how the following day would go.

Every day, I was driven between 2-3.5 hours to a different location in England, then I gave my speech to the students, socialized and ate dinner with them and then was driven back to London.

I met with groups of students and was very impressed by their ambitions, their maturity and a lot of their questions.

It was an interesting experience to share our journey in such a way. For us this is just our life and how it has played out, miracles and all. To organize our story and show it with a presentation with pictures and then give it over- It just was something so new.

We named her Tehilla because if G-d granted her life then she would be a source of Praise for Him. And that is what this was. A new means of praising G-d for the miracles that He bestowed upon us.

I enjoyed the experience and would do it again. 

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