Thursday, February 2, 2017


Today I was driven two and half hours to Birmingham. There I once again gave my speech, but this time I was given feedback to try not to speak from my prepared speech. It went much better and I connected with the students. Quite a few students were in tears by the end and the response was very good.

What was even more incredible was hearing from the organizer in Birmingham that his brother also had a critical congenital heart defect and was single ventricle and is now 25 years old and just got engaged.  Hearing about his brother made me teary eyed and filled me with hope.

Once again it was that tireless statistic: 1 in 100.

I took the train to Leeds and spent the night at dear friends, who are organizers of the Leeds branch.

Today will be my last speech in Leeds and I will take the train back to London, sleep about 4 hours and then be driven to the airport.


  1. Very touching to hear the story. Im in tears with hope for Tehilla's happiness and joy abd best of everything.

  2. The feedback to not use your prepared speech is right. As someone who gives presentations in business and also took a course in Oral Communications, I can tell you that you're giving a presentation which is not the same thing as a speech. Note cards with few talking points is helpful to stay on track with the points you want to make. It's really just a reminder on what you want to speak about. It's clear you can speak from experience and these bullet points will get you going.