Thursday, March 30, 2017

Special Accommodations

I know that once we land, I'll be too exhausted to update,  so I'm writing this post now on the plane.

On our way to the US, our stroller was checked at the gate and was not returned to us in Paris for our connection. We didn't get it at the gate when we landed at Newark. Instead, we got it at baggage claim. We were told this would happen and I explained to the personnel that my daughter had a heart condition and couldn't walk more than 5-7 min and I needed my stroller.

My concerns were brushed off and I was told that the airport in Paris would have carts with seats. Yes- well that was after changing terminals and going through security.  I was forced to carry Tehilla for over an hour.

On the way back, our stroller was actually returned to us in Paris at the gate. So when boarding our connecting flight to Israel, they were going to check the stroller and again not return it until baggage claim.

I was insistent about Tehilla's heart condition and that I must receive it at the gate. At first they tried to brush me off, but I was adamant. So, they made a special accommodation and have been updating me on the flight in hopes that we will receive the stroller at the gate. I don't know how someone with an infant would manage but I can't carry Tehilla through the entire airport.

Let's hope that this worked. 


  1. Have a sit down strike until they bring the stroller. All four of you and block the exit. Good luck!

  2. I pray they will be more helpful.

  3. As far as I know, airports usually have wheelchairs near the gates.