Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Observation in the ER

Yesterday and today, Tehilla was not sleeping and wanting to eat every two hours. She has been needy and wanting to be held. 

This evening, Tehilla's face suddenly swelled and the right side turned red. I tried to call our cardiac nurse but didn't get through. We called our friend, a PICU nurse, who told us to go immediately to the ER and she called ahead and let them know what was going on. 

By the time we got here the redness was down and the swelling had gone down somewhat too. Her oxygen was at 73. 

There is a strike going on at Hadassah, so the ER is quite empty. We basically have two nurses and 5 doctors to ourselves. And we have all of our favorite ones! I think only one nurse didn't know who we are, but everyone jumped in, "This is Tehilla. She has Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome..."

They all checked her thoroughly and really felt that she seemed completely fine. The worry is that she is going to have a stroke. The cardiologist on call was called and he said to keep us overnight for observation. 

Of course Tehilka was incredibly playful with all of them and started laughing when they examined her. Her diagnosis so far has been that she's adorable. 

So, she is settling down to sleep now. At least,I brought a toothbrush and contact case this time...

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  1. Shoshana,
    Please believe me when I say how much I think about you and little
    Tehilla. She is always on my mind
    in my heart. Thank you for the updates.