Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The right move

Today, I took Tehilla to see our family doctor.  It was my Heart Mamas group that had encouraged us to take her to our family doctor and I really thank G-d, that He sent us the right advice at the right time.  I even am so appreciative for our horrible problem with the pediatrician, because it gave me the push I needed to find a better doctor.  Things hadn't been great with the pediatrician, but I was inclined to not make any switches just now.

But now Tehilla is in the care of a doctor:
who sympathetically listened to our story about the pediatrician,
who laughingly agreed that our nicknaming the pediatrician "Dr. Stupid Face", was appropriate,
who dutifully accepted the 60+ pages of photocopied medical papers to study,
who accepted many hours of research he will have to do to care for Tehilla,
who thoroughly examined Tehilla without forgetting that she is not just a heart baby, but also a baby,
who reveled in Tehilla's development and achievement of milestones,

 and who thanked G-d that she is doing as well as she is.

I could not be happier with this move.

Our cardiologist appointment has been reset for next week.

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