Wednesday, February 12, 2014

RSV #4

Today, Tehilla had her fourth RSV shot. We weighed her and she is at 5.490 kg! She is gaining weight nicely, thank G-d.  She's been needy and tired, as she usually is after this shot.

She was supposed to have an appointment today with our cardiologist, as well as an echo cardiogram. Our hospital, Hadassah Ein Kerem, currently has a strike due to a severe financial downfall caused by many different factors.  I hope for everyone involved the situation gets resolved quickly, staff gets paid, and appointments get back on track. Hopefully her appointment will be rescheduled soon. 

The past week, Tehilla has been doing better, and handling pretty well.  She is still not the biggest fan of her baby cereal. I, also, started her on sweet potatoes and will try her on some other vegetables this week. Tehilla is incredibly talkative.  She has whole conversations in baby babble with our family and has even addressed Ron in an exact imitation of the way he talks to her (with high pitched tones). I have tried with all my might to capture it on video, but Tehilla is completely camera shy. That and then she tries to eat the phone. She has started to roll to her side and when left on her play mat, she wriggles and moves, until she is facing in the opposite direction. Thank G-d, she has been making her milestones nicely.

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  1. Baruch Hashem!

    Tehilla baby your are special.. love you baby... Hashem bless you more and more..