Monday, April 7, 2014

Checkup Appointment

Today, we had our follow up appointments with Dr. Golander, our cardiologist, and Dr. Erez, our surgeon. 

Dr. Golander did an echo and said that everything looked great. He will see us again in a month. 

Then, we saw Yifat, our nurse, who weighed Tehilla. 6.360kg. She went up 160g since last week! 

We saw Dr. Erez. He checked Tehilla's scar and was happy with the recovery. He said that she can be placed on her stomach to play and can again be lifted under her arms, unless she shows signs of discomfort. We will keep getting checked by Dr. Golander and when they see enough growth of her pulmonary arteries, they will schedule the Glenn surgery. He is expecting it to be some time in the summer. 

Here is a picture of Dr. Erez:


  1. wishing your little tehilla only good health, and keep smiling!

  2. wow! her healing is amazing!

  3. wow, this kid's smile brightens up my day big time! BH, she should keep getting better every day.