Thursday, April 17, 2014

Sleep Training

That face you see may be cute, but it's the face of a nighttime monster. No, not my husband. The little one in yellow. 

Every night, Tehilla wakes me up for hours to nurse, or be held or just to lay next to me. I have a permanent headache and am losing my mind. 

With my other two kids, when it came time to sleep train them, I used the crying it out method. Within a few days, they would sleep through the night. Tehilla is not allowed to cry it out. With the circulation she has from her Norwood, crying for that long would put too much stress on her heart. 

So, we will be trying other sleep training methods. But we all need a good night's sleep. 


  1. a few suggestions... have her sleeping close to your bed at night so you can feed and put her back to bed with as little effort as possible. No lights turning on either. try a warm water bottle to give her the feeling of warmth and inquire about catnip or fennel tea to sooth the tummy and help her pass and gas buildup. Slow rhythmic motion is soothing too. A friend from long ago had a bed the wound up and rocked for her baby. Even a wind up ticking clock wrapped in a blanket to muffle the tick a little is helpful for some. (it sounds a little like a heartbeat.) There are commercial versions of this. I hope there is something here that helps. Be well!

  2. that is such a cute face! she is precious