Thursday, April 24, 2014

Weakened Heart

We just had our appointment with Dr. Golander. He did an echo. The muscle in her heart is weaker. He does not know the cause. This was why she has been sweating excessively. It is possible that the cause is because of the new flow that she has from the BT shunt. She will be starting a new medication called Enalapril. It should help her with the pressure of the flow. We come back in two weeks for another echo and appointment to see if the medication is working. This is the lightest treatment, and if necessary, there are stronger dosages and medications to try. 

We gave Dr. Golander this new scrub cap. 


  1. Dr. Golander looks like he loves it :) I am sure he does.
    Now is he trying to smile like sweet Tehilla does?
    Love you Tehilla. :)

  2. davening for tehilla for a complete refua.