Monday, April 21, 2014

Post-Pesach Update

I have been sleep training Tehilla and have been making huge progress. She now will go 6.5-8 hours without eating at night. Last night she woke up at 3, but as soon as I put her pacifier back in, she fell right back to sleep. If it gets to 5am, and she wakes up, then I'll nurse her. So, we are all on the road to more sleep.

I have also been giving Tehilla more food. She has gotten chicken and meat in an extremely smushed up state. She loves food. 

I had to put a call in to our nurse tonight, because over the past few days Tehilla started sweating very badly when she eats and even when she sleeps. To the point that she had beads of sweat running down her head. We were told to take her to our doctor tomorrow morning. 

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