Sunday, August 24, 2014

Amazing Weekend

After a difficult summer, thanks to the war and a very disappointing and jolting catheter, our family really needed a wonderful vacation day. We decided to go to the beach on Friday. Our family has always enjoyed the beach, and really found the sand and waves soothing.

That day for all of us, was probably the most peaceful that we have had, since finding out that something was wrong in my pregnancy. The kids played, Ron and I swam and relaxed and Tehilla was absolutely terrified of the water. We sat with her at the shore line and every time a little water came her way, she turned and crawled up into our arms. By the end, we got her to at least stand and enjoy the water a bit.

About an hour after getting to the beach, it was Tehilla's nap time. I sat under a shaded pergola, with her wrapped in a towel, up against my chest. For quite a few moments, I was able to forget about heart defects and surgeries. I was carefree and snuggling close to my baby daughter.

We spent a wonderful Shabbat with family in Beit Shemesh, (with the knowledge that we could get to the hospital within 25 minutes, should there be a problem). After Shabbat, we had a really meaningful experience of meeting a fellow HLHS family. Here is Saadia, 13 years old, holding and playing with Tehilla. Two strong and amazing heart warriors!

His family has showered us with love and support, since connecting with them, by the end of my pregnancy. Just hugging his mother was touching.


  1. I don't often comment, though I read all of your posts avidly, but that amazing photo of Tehilla asleep in your arms was so moving. And the photo with Sa'adia gave me so much hope and joy. My thoughts and prayers are always with you, but this time, as usual, your thoughts and prayers are what inspire me.