Monday, August 11, 2014

AV Block and Not Glennable

There was a serious incident at the beginning of the catheter. She had an AV Block. Here is a link to read up on it:

In short, it is when the natural pacemaker in the heart stops working and the rhythm between the atria and ventricles can not work.

It happened right at the beginning and was probably caused by the catheter touching her heart. It shows that she has a big sensitivity.

They pulled out right away and it took 10 minutes for the AV node to start working again properly.

It is something that quite possibly will happen every time there is a catheter.

They went back in and saw that the pressures in her heart are very high and the pulmonary arteries are too small. She is not Glennable. At this point it is starting to be a concern that they are not growing.

They have to go and look over all the measurements to get a clear picture.

We will have to wait several months more to see if her pulmonary arteries grow. And keep waiting. They will be raising her dose of Enalapril to the maximum amount to lower the blood pressures.

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