Friday, August 15, 2014


Today, we had an appointment with our wonderful family doctor.  The purpose of the appointment was to discuss the catheter.

For those that have been reading this blog since the beginning,  you will possibly remember we had a bad experience early on with a pediatrician and made the decision to switch Tehilla to our beloved family doctor. We had been nervous if it had been the right decision.  We have seen time and time again how right that decision was and have been so happy that we listened to our instincts.

He is such an incredible doctor and really an amazing person to have on our team. Tehilla gives him huge smiles and he writes in his notes for her appointments things like, "She has gotten even cuter. How is that even possible."

I explained the events and findings of the catheter and read through all the medical papers with our doctor.

As it turns out, Tehilla did not just have an AV Block at the beginning of her catheter. She went into full cardiac arrest. She was given chest compressions and 3 doses of adrenaline to resuscitate her.

It makes my heart ache to realize what had gone on in that catheter lab. I am so grateful that she is okay. Thank G-d. Thank G-d over and over again.

Our doctor also gave me great reassurance that Tehilla is being thoroughly monitored. That if at any point she started to not do well, there would be early warning signs that would be noticed. If she were to take a bad turn, it would be picked up before it got severe enough to require drastic measures like a transplant. 

It did ease my worries. Please continue to keep Tehilla bat Shoshana in your prayers.


  1. B"h for such blessings!

  2. Amen and amen.

    Hashem is there for all of you... especially darling sweetheart Tehilla.
    Lov ya baby...