Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Your Help

Assuming that you have been reading this blog and you have read the last blog post, the pressing question that Ron and I have been dealing with is:

Now, what?

Where do we go from here? What do we do, when we find ourselves in a situation that is pretty severe, which has the potential to become extremely severe? What can we do to help this situation?

There is nothing we can do, to help this situation. Nothing anyone can do.

Except pray.

This situation is completely out of our control. We believe in G-d. We believe that everything that happens is because He makes it so. We believe in the power of prayer. And we believe that it is the only thing that we can do for our daughter.

So, please, HELP US. Help spread Tehilla's name. It was done before and we truly believe that it made a difference.

Please spread Tehilla's name to your community, your synagogue, school and friends. I have prepared cards that can be printed or used on the internet.

You can click on the below link and download files in English and in Hebrew. Either in a full sheet of cards, or a single card that can be taken to a printer. There are also these images that are web-friendly.

Google Drive to download files

If you would like me to prepare them in another language, please email: tehillasheart@gmail.com and send me the translation.


  1. You are always in my prayers. I have forwarded your prayer request to others and have asked them to do the same. You are not alone.