Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Getting Ready

On Sunday, we check-in to the hospital for Tehilla's pre-Glenn heart catheter. She will have blood work done and we will have papers to sign. As long as she is feeling well and there is no reason to be concerned, they will allow us to sleep at home, but return to the hospital bright and early.

We are just getting everything ready for the stay-over and preparing Mechal and Tzviel.

Please keep Tehilla in your prayers for this procedure and specifically pray that the catheter reveals that she is ready for her Glenn.


  1. She is so adorable! I wish you much hatzlocha from Maryland. B'ezras Hashem may you get past interstage smoothly and soon!
    Yocheved M.

  2. She is so cute in all her pictures but I love this one! May the procedure go well and as planned...

  3. May you and yours only hear good news about little cutie pie Tehilla