Monday, June 13, 2016


I should have included this funny story in my previous post. This morning, I had to check Tehilla's oxygen level and asked her to come to me.

Me: Tehilla, please come here. Ima needs to check your oxygen. I need to use the pulse ox.

Tehilla: Okay, Mama. You checking?

Me: Yes, I am. It's still checking.  It's taking time. Please don't move.

Tehilla: Hurray! 48!

Me: What? 48? 48 is not good, Lulu. It's still checking. 

Tehilla: 48! Woo-hoo!

Me: No! 48 is a bad number for you! Where did you get that? Oh, great! Look! You're at 83! That's amazing, Tehilla! That's a good number!

Tehilla: Hurray! 48! I got 48! Mama check me and I got 48! Woo-hoo!

Me: Hello? 83. 84 now! You're doing great. We can stay home!

Tehilla: Yes! 48. Tzviel, I got 48. I all better!

Thank G-d, we've got some time before she needs to learn to use a pulse ox!

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  1. Was she looking at it the correct direction or upside down. My Little miss tends to look at the number upside down and while she can tell you the number she often forgets to reverse them so 84 would be announced as 48, or 76 is 67 to her sometimes.