Thursday, June 2, 2016

One Month

Our family has a month. We have one month until Tehilla goes for open heart surgery. One month to try to squeeze a lifetime of happiness and memories into. The daunting date looms over us and it feels like an awful expiration date of the worst kind of unknowns.

It's too hard to write out the fears and worries that we have. July 3rd is approaching too fast and while we try to pretend that life will be the same as normal, it's impossibly hard. That soul-crushing "what-if" hangs over us and the weight is unbearable.

One month.

I find myself begging G-d a few times a day. Just give us this miracle. Please. Pretty please. It's not too much for You, G-d. Just this one more miracle. And then the miracle of every day after that.

And then I think to myself, what will it take for G-d to grant us these wishes? What do we have to do to make this happen?

And then the answer is clear. Change the world.

Remove the unkind actions, open peoples minds to the possibility of kindness in their actions and their speech. To ask G-d to allow a surgery that uniquely reconstructs a child's heart feels like asking G-d to move mountains and oceans.

We have an estimated 30,000 followers of this blog. These followers are located in all corners of the world. This is my one and only request- help me move mountains and oceans. Make changes in your corner of the world.

This is how it works: It starts at home. Today and tomorrow, when you find yourself getting frustrated with your kids or your spouse- take a deep breath for Tehilla. Think of her. And try for a few extra minutes to be patient.

Call or message that friend that you know is struggling, just to say hi- for Tehilla. Smile and say hello to the cashier, bus driver, crossing guard- for Tehilla.

When you are asked a favor, take a moment to think if you are actually able to and don't say no right away, just because it's a slight inconvenience. For Tehilla. Give that person a ride, pick up that person's kids, bring that person flour...for Tehilla.

Pay it forward for someone with your job. Help someone- for Tehilla.

Open your home to guests, drop off a treat for someone sick, take an extra moment to listen to someone's struggles. Do it all for Tehilla.

I believe that kindness changes the world. It has the magnitude to create waves in the world. That's what Tehilla needs right now.

We have one month. Just one.


  1. Shoshana, I don't think we know each other. G-d can and does miracles. Be positive. Tehilla has beaten all the odds up to now. She will come through this surgery iwth flying colours and we will all dance at her Chuppah. Davening for her each and every day. Will say an extra prayer for her on the 3rd July. Irene Swartz

  2. In Tehilla ' s behalf I will thank Hashem for the tens of thousands of times He helps us, supports us, causes us to rejoice, heals us, keeps guard oVer all of us and encourages us and most especially to thank Him for ALWAYS being with us.

  3. I was so moved by this post. We will be keeping her in mind and davening and working on ourselves. I really appreciate your openness on your blog! (PS love the picture)