Sunday, June 12, 2016

Nice Holiday Scare

We have just finished celebrating the holiday of Shavuot, and nothing could mark a fun joyous occasion without a terrible scare from Tehilla.

We started off with a lovely Shabbat and holiday with our nephew, Ariel staying with us and meals with family and friends.  We had a women's community get together and it was all just wonderful and fun.

Tehilla started off Shabbat morning with a very runny nose and a slight fever. Otherwise, she was herself. During the women's event that we hosted, Ron took the kids to the park. When he returned, Tehilla was purplish.  We gave her a drink and time to cool off.

But then, she started looking pale and blue. We grabbed the pulse ox and quickly found that her oxygen level was between 68-74. Normal for her is 80-85.

I quickly called the on call doctor which, thank G-d, turned out to be our wonderful family doctor.  He asked that we bring her immediately to his home to be checked and we would decide if she should go to the hospital. So, I quickly packed a hospital bag and drove to his home on Shavuot evening. 

I can't say enough about our doctor and how comforting he always is. He checked Tehilla and right away saw that she had an ear infection in both ears. Her breathing was normal and while she was purple, nothing else seemed to be at play.

He wrote us a prescription for a very strong antibiotic and told me to take her home and keep an eye. If her oxygen saturation didn't go back up by the morning, then we should go to the ER.

I searched online and found the on-duty pharmacy, filled the prescription and took Tehilla home.

I should add that we had guests coming for dinner and Ron took care of everything with the help of our nephew, while our other two kids freaked out that Tehilla and I might not come back for the rest of the holiday.

We returned home in time for dessert to the elated faces of everyone.

Her oxygen was back up to 84 this morning. It started dipping low again, but I made the judgement call to not go to the ER and just watch her. For now, she seems well and the ER couldn't do more for us except expose Tehilla to something worse.

A lovely  holiday except of course for this. This is the second time something like this has happened and it is not very common. We will be talking to our cardiologist tomorrow.

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