Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Difficult Conversations

We have spoken to Mechal and Tzviel about the upcoming surgery. They have taken it as best as they could and are talking to us about their concerns.

The other night, I spoke to Tehilla about her surgery, too.

While cooking dinner, Tehilla pulled a step-stool up beside me and incorrectly wrapped herself in an apron.

Tehilla: I help cook too, Ima?
Me: Yes, I'd love your help. Just no touching the cutting board while I cut the vegetables.
Tehilla: Okay. I have one? One tomato?
Me: Yes, you can have one.
Tehilla : 'Nother one?
Me: Yes, go ahead. Take another one.
Tehilla: Thank you! I love you.

While we stood there, me cooking and Tehilla eating the tomatoes for the chili, I realized we were alone with no disturbances. 

Me: Tehilla, I need to talk to you. In a few weeks, we are going to the hospital.
Tehilla: Okay, Ima.
Me: We will see Dr. Golander.
Tehilla: No!!!
Me: Tehilla, we are going to the hospital and Dr. Erez is going to fix your heart.
Tehilla: Oh. Thank you!
Me: Tehilla, it's not going to feel good, but the doctors will help you to feel better. Ima will be with you the whole time.
Tehilla: I feel better.
Me: Yes, they will help you feel much better. You will have to be strong and fight hard.

She was quiet for a few minutes and then said something that shocked me.

Tehilla: I go to hospital and doctor fix my heart. I feel all better. Lulu be strong and come back to Ima. Then I go home.

This brought tears to my eyes. To which Tehilla said:

You sad, Ima? Here. Wipe eyes. It's okay, Ima.

So, Tehilla understands a lot more than I thought she would. We are all in full preparation mode. Thank you to those of you who have sent pictures and packages. It means more than you know.


  1. My tears came out my heart, I am so blessed with Tehilla. Its like a movie without actually true sufferings.
    Tehilla is a brave little angel. She have got power. I wonder why she needs to pass all theough this? She is so precious. HaShem will fix everything perfectly fir Tehilla.
    I feel sorry that im having financial difficulties. HaShem has something good from one way to another. You are also a brAve woman Soshana, HaShem is with you.HaShem bless you, Tehilla and aall the family. Well keep prYing. IprY I can give something that cN give joy for Tehilla.Let's keep on oraying...Baruch HaShem

  2. Wow. Please let me know if you are doing challah before the surgery.

  3. Wow. Please let me know if you are doing challah before the surgery.

  4. I am so deeply blessed.
    I love you

  5. "Lulu be strong and come back to Ima. Then I go home. It's ok Ima." It's ok.