Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Let's Get Started

We have 4 days until we walk Tehilla into that operating room and hand her over for her Fontan surgery. Just 4...

Tehilla was born with HLHS- Hypoplastic Left Heart Surgery. In utero, the left side of her heart did not develop. Essentially, she was born with half a heart. Since then, she has undergone 3 heart surgeries, one extra than the usual course, and four heart catheters. She is now going for the final stage of the reconstruction of her heart- the Fontan. Here is a helpful infographic, to understand what our surgeon, Dr. Erez, will be doing:

Each child with HLHS has a unique anatomy of their heart and statistics can somewhat be irrelevant when it comes to this situation. This surgery gives her the best chance at leading a more normal life, with more energy and ability.

We are going into this surgery with many positives:

Firstly, our doctors. We have one of the best medical teams possible who have cared for Tehilla since her birth. They make up some of the most impressive pediatric cardiologists and surgeons. We will be in one of the most advanced PICUs with some of the most dedicated and sensitive nurses. Tehilla will be in excellent hands.

Second- her health. We are blessed beyond measure that she is going into this surgery with good heart function and healthy blood pressure. This surgery is being performed electively at the best possible time for Tehilla, under the best circumstances. This is a huge advantage that we have.

Third- Tehilla herself. She is the fiercest fighter and has always amazed us and her medical team. She has beaten the odds when they were stacked against her, and even when there was little chance of her survival- she did! Her energy and strength will push her through this.

Fourth- our attitude. There are no other options. She will be fine. As she said to me today, "After doctor fix my heart, I come home! Hurray!" That is her attitude and must be our attitude.

Fifth- our beautiful, loving and thoughtful blog family. I have two bags filled with cards and presents from all of you. I've tried keeping it hidden, although a little toddler may have already sneaked a peak. Her hospital room will be decorated and we are armed with goodies to help her through the psychological trauma of this surgery.

We are counting on you and greatly need you to spread the word about Tehilla and ask people to pray. Please walk into your schools, camps, synagogues and churches, and community centers and tell them about Tehilla. We have witnessed the miracles that the power of prayer can bring. We need a miracle again!

Please spread the word on Facebook and other social media. Here is an image that you can use:

Lastly, on the day of the surgery- on Sunday, July 3rd, please wear red for Tehilla. Wear something red and take a picture of yourself. Put it up on Facebook with this text:

Wearing Red for Tehilla!
Spreading awareness about CHDs.
Who is your 1 in 100?

It might sound trivial, but the more awareness a cause gains, the more funding it gains. The more funding, the more medical advancement we can achieve. Please do this for us!

Tomorrow, is pre-op day! I will update the blog throughout the day. Let's get started, blog family!


  1. HaShem bless you dear sweet Tehilla. We are all be praying for
    the success of your heart fixing. You'll be alright sweetheart in the power of HaShem.

  2. refuah shleimah
    It sounds like science fiction. Thank Gd for giving humans such intelligence and skills.