Saturday, November 2, 2013

Fingers Crossed

Bli Ayin Ha'rah (without the evil eye), chamsah chamsah chamsah, ptttew...

We have had a few uneventful days. The swelling that had suddenly appeared has been slowly going back down. Tehilla has been less fussy. 

Something interesting that we have discovered is that unlike most babies, when Tehilla is fussy or crying hysterically, holding her does not help. In fact, she quickly calms if we just put her down, without swaddling or anything. It turns out this is fairly common with heart babies, as many of my fellow heart mamas have reassured me. More than likely it stems from not being held for the first few weeks of their life. It also, sadly, can be an association of human touch with pain, as Tehilla was primarily touched during those weeks, when they were doing something medical. It's heart-breaking (excuse the pun) to think about it, however, most of these babies get over this and later enjoy cuddling and snuggles like regular kids. 

Tehilla also loves the hospital. Both times that we were there last week, she was the calmest I have ever seen her. She even coos at the doctors. I suppose it is understandable. I just keep reminding her, "the hospital is not a way of life." 

May this week be uneventful and healthful. Thank you for all the sweet wonderful comments and messages left on this blog and on Facebook. 


  1. My super-snuggly son (now 5-1/2) would calm down the moment I put him down... it must have just been a personal preference, he didn't have any negative experiences that could have caused it... Him being my 6th child, it took a while to realize that that was what he needed - none of the other kids were like that. I'm just writing this so that you will know that there are babies who are just like that, and that perhaps it has nothing to do with negative experiences.

  2. Wishing you a boring, ordinary week, bezH! Your baby is too delicious :) enjoy her!

  3. awww...what a cutie pie

  4. Hashem bless her, and heal her completely soon. Amen

    stella c.