Sunday, November 17, 2013

Going Up!

Tehilla has not been eating the formula nicely. She doesn't want to eat anything by bottle. All she wants is to nurse. Who would have thought she would be such a breast feeding advocate? We have tried to beg, plead, sing, plot and we've managed to get a little bit in here and there.

And she gained weight! She went up 175g in three days. She is now 3.140kg and 50 cm long! Thank G-d! 

Here are some pictures:


  1. she is just beautiful kn'h. much nachas always! rochel.

  2. What a yumster! Tehilla is delicious and apparently has The Most Loving Siblings EVER, bH!!! Keep up the awesome feeding work - you have a smart and growing daughter bli ayin hara, may she continue from strength to strength!
    (PS if she ever has a weight issue again chas v'shalom, you can look at the supplementer for nursing + formula).