Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Pink and Frilly

After Sunday, we have been relaxing at home. We have gotten a pulse oximeter for our home. This allows us to be able to monitor Tehilla's oxygen saturation as well as her heart rate. For now, we do not need to monitor it daily, but in the event that something comes up, we can monitor her from home, and hopefully avoid time in the ER. 

I still have not been able to capture Tehilla's elusive smile, but here are some pictures of her. 

My cousin saw to it that she is decked out in pink and frills. Thank you, Libby! 


  1. Every girl should be decked out in pink and frills :)

  2. oooh she is adorable

  3. Question for those of you that work with young children: what is the best affordable Pulse Oximeter and probe for infants / babies?