Friday, November 22, 2013

Smile there!

"Smile there, ain't you glad you're living, think of all the giving you can do..."

Peek-a-boo is hysterical, and allowed me to finally capture her smile. 

The past two days, Tehilla has been sleepier and crankier from the shot. Today she is back to her normal self.

In general, Tehilla sleeps more than a regular baby. Her energy levels are low because of her heart. She is only allowed to eat for 20 minutes to not stress out her heart. G-d willing, after her next surgery, the Glenn, she will have much more normal energy levels as well as oxygen saturation levels. 


  1. Keep smiling little one, :)
    Your smile will light up the world.

    Hashem bless you .


  2. thank you shoshana for posting this picture, every morning when i wake up to face the new day ( I have a very stressful job) I log on to tehilla's heart journey to see the new update and from your little one's struggles and triumph's I gain the strength I need to tackle all my problems at work.and in my life. I so admire this little bundle of light who gives to me the light I so need to face my own obstacles each day. I love you little tehilla!